Seamless card management at your fingertips

card24 brings you real-time access to your credit, debit, and prepaid cards so you can stay on track, on the move.

Speed, simplicity, and protection, all the time


Access all your information on demand and in real-time.


Manage your cards easily and at your convenience.


Protect your data with the highest level of security guaranteed.

Manage everything with one app

  • Expenditure at a glance
  • Pay by smartphone
  • Configure payment notifications
  • Access the Concierge app
  • Access the Digital Priority Pass™
  • Retrieve PIN
  • Display card data
  • Change or reset password

Expenditure at a glance

Check your account balance, your transactions and your monthly statements for the last 24 months.

Pay by smartphone

Pay for your purchases in Switzerland and abroad conveniently using your iOS or Android smartphone.

Configure payment notifications

Receive notifications as soon as your payments exceed a threshold set by you.

Access the Concierge app

The direct connection in the app allows you use the exclusive services available in your Concierge app.

Access the Digital Priority Pass™

The direct connection in the app allows you to use your Digital Priority Pass™.

Retrieve PIN

Retrieve your PIN securely at any time.

Display card data

Retrieve the card number, expiry date, CVV and cardholder securely at any time.

Change or reset password

Forgotten your app password? No problem. Simply request a new one via the log-in page.

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Click on "retrieve your username", enter your card number and birth date. Afterwards, enter the six-digits code sent via SMS.

Create a username and password

• Username must contain at least one letter and have a minimum of six digits.

• Password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character.

Enter your email address.
Click on "accept" to accept the general conditions. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Enter card24 username and password.
Enter six-digit code sent via SMS.
Being accessing your card details.

Frequently asked questions

Need help? You might find the answer here, or contact us for more information.

What does «settled transaction» mean?

This is a transaction that has already been charged to your account and affects your available balance.

What does «new transaction» mean?

This is a transaction that has not yet been processed or charged to your card, but that still affects your available balance.

I’ve made a payment with my card, why hasn’t the amount been deducted from my balance yet?

In certain cases, your balance is updated the day after the payment has been taken.

Why might recent transactions not appear under «pending transactions»?

Depending on the payment system, recent transactions made at parking ticket machines and toll booths may not appear under «Pending Transactions» or only following a lengthy delay.

Transactions may also take some time to be listed under «Pending Transactions» if the order was placed by telephone or in writing, or in the case of transactions that are dependant on stock availability (for example online transactions and subscription purchases).

How can I change the language of the app card24?

The app is set to the language of the device you are using. You need to change your device’s language setting by visiting «Settings, General, Language».

Where can I change my password?

You can update your password securely in the «Profile» section of the card24 app.

I forgot my card PIN. Where can I request my PIN code?

In the «Cards» section of your card24 you’ll find the option to request your PIN code.

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